Best Fashion Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Is there anything more fascinating than a fashion podcast? I know that podcast lovers like me are eager to discover the best fashion podcasts to listen to right now.

After reading this article, I assure you will be able to find out what a fashion podcast is. What benefits do fashion podcasts offer? Which fashion podcasts are the most popular and trending around the world?

Before jumping into the list of the best fashion podcasts let’s understand fashion podcasts and their benefits.

What exactly is a fashion podcast?

A fashion podcast is a sort of multimedia content, typically auditory, accessible in a collection of chapters or sections broadcast or accessed by people worldwide. The history of fashion, current trends, careers, sustainability, rumors, discussions about the fashion business, and much more are all covered in fashion podcasts. The best thing now is that fashion companies are setting up their channels and hosting podcast sessions for their audience.

What benefits do fashion podcast offer?

Keeping viewers or listeners entertained is one of the main goals of fashion podcasts. However, fashion podcasts also provide several other vital components. Fashion podcasts aid in community development, direct conversations with professionals, fashion advice, and efficiency in the fashion business, and they also introduce you to new products, trends, influencers, etc.

Top Fashion Podcasts to Listen

So, to assist you, I practiced extensive research and identified some of the top fashion podcasts you should listen to. I’ve listed my top 12 podcast channels for you to check out. 

Chanel Connects

Chanel Connects

Among the many podcasts the French fashion house has engaged with, Chanel Connects is one of the most engaging. It is a top podcast for art and culture that pairs advancements in culture, explore novel concepts, and introduces new people. The French brand’s latest product is called Chanel Connects. Presenting arts and culture is the core focus of Chanel Connects. The guests are actors Tilda Swinton and Keira Knightley, dancers Akram Khan and Tamara Rojo, designer Es Devlin and director Lulu Wang. The subjects discussed include advancing technologies and the developing social structure of celebrities.

Fashion: No Filter

You may get exclusive insider information about the fashion world from fashion writers Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, the creators of this talk show. Whether it is the global economy, Danish fashion, or uniqueness in the age of virtual communication, every series examines a topic essential to the fashion sector. With a firm grasp of digital networking, streetwear, and environmentalism, this influencer and journalist duo delivers an accessible perspective on the workings of the fashion business and has developed a devoted audience.

Fashion No Filter

Bande à Part

Bande à Part

Bande à Part could appear intimidatingly exclusive at the initial appearance. Still, it’s presented by Beatrice Behlen, the director of fashion & decorative arts at the Museum of London. It includes Rebecca Arnold, a globally regarded fashion historian at London’s Courtauld Institution. They explore a wide range of themes, from exploring the vaults of fashion history to discussing some of London’s most popular new shows to casually ruminating on the latest red carpet styles. It’s as approachable as podcasts get because of its cohosts’ friendliness and apparent chemistry; it makes you experience it like you are listening in on a chat amongst buddies.

Dior Talks

The house of Dior launched a podcast called “Dior talks” to bridge the gap between the general public and those in business. Dior’s fashion podcasts, which examine the legendary brand’s position on arts, cultures, and community, are ideal listening for aestheticians. The recent installment of the “Dior Talks” audio segment discusses ancestry. With its debut series focusing on feminist arts and its latest subsequent, politicized episode starring friends of the house, it should be no wonder why Dior’s podcast places a special spotlight on the importance of women inside the professional industry.

Dior Talks

Wardrobe Crisis

Wardrobe Crisis

The fashion podcast called “Wardrobe Crisis” discusses sustainable clothing, ecology, and creating an impact around the globe. Anyone interested in learning more about the devastating effects of the garment business on the ecosystem should listen to the Wardrobe Crisis episode. The initial host of this podcast was Clare Press, the environmental editor of Australian Vogue, who spoke with invitees to explain the fashion business and examine its effects on both human beings and the environment. We could all benefit from Press’s strategy for promoting environmental causes in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Slushie

Fashion writer Lara Johnson-wheeler is the host of The Fashion Slashie, a brand-new podcast from London-based fashion social network ClickerMe. The Fashion Slashie talks provide an overview of the current style and its origins, along with suggestions and attempted knowledge regarding how to manage various goals and obligations. It’s a captivating insight into an aspect of the business that sometimes goes unnoticed, with a host of the next generations of British fashion figures to understand, like stylist Kate Iorga and fashion designer and author Mimi Wade, onboard as speakers.

The Fashion Slashie

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed The History of Fashion

“With over 7 billion individuals on the planet, we all have a similar trait. According to the prologue of Dressed: The History of Fashion, everyone gets dressed daily, and there is always a hidden past. With its broad roster of in-depth looks into fashion’s history and contemporary, Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan’s program for iHeartRadio, unquestionably the golden standards of fashion podcasts, has developed a devoted following. This program presents a humorous approach to looking at the unseen subtleties underlying the closet items we frequently take for granted by exploring the luxurious and complicated historical and ethnic origins concealed beneath our garments.

Gucci Podcast

The Gucci podcast explores ways designers, stylists, and artists have shaped and reinvented clothing throughout history. Another current pinnacle was a thorough examination of the company’s Vaults initiative, which encouraged a select group of emerging designers to reinvent items from the Gucci past and featured an exceptional contribution by Laird Borrelli-Persson, archival editor of Vogue. This podcast captures Michele’s unique idea for the home with all of its whimsical morphology.

Gucci Poadcast

This Old Things?

This Old Thing

This Old Thing has 26 episodes available for free listening! There is no need to download anything or sign up. Bay Garnett is, without a doubt, the ideal presenter for a podcast devoted to the skill because she is recognized for having introduced thrifting culture to high-end fashion society through her utilization of used clothing in editorial shoots. It is pretty clear why Garnett is considered one of the most adored characters in fashion because of her kindness and charm. In addition, Garnett shares her best shopping and finding advice with guests, including where to look and how to spot the finest buys.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Among the most reliable sites for recent fashion updates and market developments is The Business of Fashion Podcast. The Business of Fashion is one of the most trustworthy sites for fashion media coverage and addresses the significant problems the sector is now dealing with. The series features conversations showcasing several leading personalities in fashion, such as Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, and Kim Jones. They are presented by creator and CEO Imran Amed and cover various topics, ranging from how to establish a fashion career to the sustainability of the fashion show like a red carpet.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Beauty Fix with Naomi Shimada (Formerly known as fashion fix with Charli Howard)

Beauty Fix with Naomi Shimada

Charli Howard’s candid public statement regarding the unrealistic beauty norms that permeate the fashion industry in 2015 immediately turned her into a fitness activist. Model Naomi Shimada took over recently, expanding the scope to incorporate individuals’ perspectives on the fashion business. She has already proved to be a capable heir, doing interviews with people like Zandra Rhodes and Sinéad Burke. The highly pertinent topic of fashion ecology is examined in this BBC podcast. If users desire to find out precisely what one can contribute to support, listen to this fashion talk show.

So…..What Do You Do Again?

The podcast “So…What Do You Do Again?” is devoted to showcasing the experiences and livelihoods of women of color working in the fashion business. So…What Do You Do Again?, presented by Naomi Elizée, marketing editor of Vogue, specializes in showcasing the lifestyles and professional paths of women of color working in the fashion business. Elizée provides a unique level of honesty and understanding of the visitors’ diverse backstories. This is the best fashion talk show to listen to if users want to learn precisely what they can do to help, focusing on the critical issues that the industry needs to address right away.

So What do you do Again

You may learn more about the fashion industry and improve your social skills by listening to fashion podcasts. As mentioned above, I’ve made a point of being very specific in the article regarding the podcasts and content the channel features.

As a podcast listener myself, I would recommend it to you as a way to increase your learning while reducing your screen time.


Is fashion podcasts worth listening to?

Every netizen in the fashion sector has a favorable opinion of listening to fashion podcasts since they are a terrific way to communicate with both insiders and outsiders of the industry.

Is a fashion podcast a good business?

Regarding the podcast channel being a fantastic media talk show, I can promise you that this is one of the best ways to make money in the media sector. If you like fashion and want to start a career, I would strongly advise you to become a podcast host.

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