Highest paying Fashion Jobs

If you are looking for the best fashion jobs you can pursue and build your career, you have come across the right page. 

As a teenage girl, I was very interested in fashion and always intended to pursue a career by being a fashion designer because of the misperception I had in my head. I used to believe that the only position available in the fashion industry was that of a designer, but I was entirely mistaken.

There are several well-paying jobs and opportunities if you have a strong interest in fashion. I’m going to lead you through the various specializations of fashion careers that are available.

 I have highlighted the top 20 fashion jobs you can apply for in this article!

Highest Paying Fashion Jobs That You Can Apply

Fashion Designer

The term “fashion designer” is not particularly new to us. We are fully aware of what this position entails and the responsibilities a fashion designer is required to carry out. Customized clothing brands, accessories, and shoes are made by fashion designers.

Custom clothes and accessories are created by designers who specialize in particular things by creating their own distinct brands and styles. Fashion designers are engaged in every step of the design’s production, from envisioning and drafting conceptual plans to making sample clothes and selecting fabrics.

Following is a list of well-known international fashion designers: Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace, etc.

Average salary: 45,000$-57,000$ per year

Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist, sometimes known as a wardrobe stylist, is a person who works for individuals, fashion brands, and fashion houses to style the clothing and accessories to create a stylish look to their customer’s demands and preferences. To put the artist’s and director’s concepts to reality in a graphical aspect, they collaborate with publications and e-commerce websites.

To keep up with the latest modern designs and trends, stylist frequently attends fashion events. Stylists collect clothing items, accessories, and makeover ideas when putting together a look. To illustrate the concepts, they often collaborate with skilled photographers, hairstylists, and make-up artists.

Average salary: 30,000$-45,000$ per year

Design Director

To create the most outstanding appearance possible following customer demand and market trends, a fashion design director plays a crucial role in leading a team of designers. The design concept is overseen by a fashion design director who ensures the items follow modern styles and client expectations.

In addition to all other areas of the design and manufacturing procedure, designers also ensure interoperability across product offerings. A design director oversees all design activities as well as crucial technical choices.

You usually require academic credentials, such as a master’s degree and substantial professional experiences in a particular area, to qualify as a design director.

Average salary: 95,000$-125,000$ per year

Graphic Designer 

An artist who creates visuals for the public is a graphic designer. They design and produce virtual images, movies, and concepts to spread information and deliver messages to the general public. With the aid of specialist graphics designing tools or by hand, designers produce visual conceptions.

A fashion graphic artist has always been in charge of developing visuals, conducting market analysis, staying current with clothing patterns and overall trends in materials, forms, and colors, and developing theme posters for customers.

Utilizing programs such as Adobe InDesign, Motion graphics, etc., a visual artist completes all necessary picture editing and creates publication themes, frameworks, advertisements, and media platforms worksheets.

Average salary: 60,000$-65,000$ per year

Fashion Journalist

Covering some of the most recent fashion styles or ideas is under the purview of fashion journalists. Fashion reporters typically collaborate with publications such as magazines, websites, blogs, and newspapers to deliver the most recent information about anything fashion-related.

Through their artistic proficiency level, they examine fashion critically and encourage many aspiring writers to work in the fashion sector. To communicate their viewpoint to the entire audience, fashion writers must be very informed of and keep up with the latest fashions & designs. Renowned fashion writers include Anna Wintour, Robin Givhan, Suzy Menkes, and others. 

Average salary: 65,000$-90,000$ per year

Public Relations Manager

A fashion public relations manager utilizes conferences, press conferences, and other types of outreach to effectively frame one’s firm’s viewpoint to its audiences. A PR manager oversees a business’s media affairs and marketing divisions, ensuring its good name is maintained.

A PR manager is responsible for sustaining a fashion brand’s favorable image by managing the organization’s general populace’s efforts and enforcing innovative marketing tactics to spread the word about the business through multiple mediums, specific seminars, or press advertisements.

PR was regarded as the third-best media and creativity job by U.S. News & World Report.

Average salary: 45,000$-60,000$ per year 

E-Commerce Manager

E-commerce managers implement policies concerned with the aesthetics and viability of the e-commerce websites & connected networks of their organizations.

To increase market share, an e-commerce manager’s primary responsibility is supervising, administering, and optimizing a design company’s digital commerce activity. As part of their routine duties, they analyze revenue figures and sales volumes, develop price tactics and organize marketing offers.

Fashion e-commerce is a thriving field with tremendous development potential over the forthcoming 10 years, especially in the high-end digital market. The e-commerce firm is expanded by the e-commerce manager.

He/she supervises consumer demand satisfaction and works to enhance the client experiences. E-commerce managers are also responsible for organizational tasks, including handling transactions & refunds.

Average salary: 50,000$-65,000$ per year

Fashion Photographer

Photojournalism is photography that focuses on showing off apparel and other accessories. Fashion journals, catalogs, and marketing promotions all feature clothing that has been shot by fashion photographers. For the majority of the time, a photographer or videographer works alone.

Photographers are always responsible for producing the most pleasing shots for photo shoots, catalog shootings with brands, and other creative narrative projects like fashionable videos and photo sessions with models.

In addition to having outstanding photographic skills, a photographer knowledgeable about current fashion trends and emerging styles will be able to envision the ideal aesthetics with more incredible originality.

Average salary: 65,000$-80,000$ per year

Content Director

The implementation and management of content marketing strategies fall under the purview of a content director. A content head chooses the material for branding, promotion, and information sources for a firm, much like a creative director.

This position comprises managing customer-focused promotional initiatives and ensuring that clients are satisfied with the firm’s products and services offerings. Developing diverse material for the print, web, television, and broadcast sectors is what a content head does.

By the underlying agenda of the organization, the content director will manage a group of employees that do analysis, create and propose concepts, and generate exterior and interior interactions.

Average salary: 85,000$-95,000$ per year

Creative Director

What does a creative director do? Usually, the creative team’s leader is the creative director. The development of perceived efficacy like commercials, items, performances, or trademarks is overseen by a fashion creative director who executes important intelligent decision-making.

Inside the fashion industry, creative directors provide the strategy for periodicals, goods, and advertising for businesses. The head designer, production team, and artistic director will collaborate to produce the clothes. They ensure that all factors within their purview remain unified and true to their branding.

Creative directors must possess excellent project managing, interaction, and interpersonal capability. Average salary- 55,000$-75,000$

Product Manager

The product manager’s responsibility is to present a unique item to the marketplace that meets consumer demand and exemplifies a profitable firm. Product market managers are engaged in product conception, distribution, and commercialization.

A fashion-related manager oversees strategy and production for the whole life of a specific item and uses industry trends to maximize earning potential and revenue. The standard assessment procedures for the goods are also drawn up and carried out. Fashion product managers aim to identify tactics that will increase the marketability and profitability of the firm’s goods or services.

Usually, they are required to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree in management of businesses or a strongly related discipline.

Average salary: 79,000$-100,000$ per year

Sourcing Manager

A manager of fashion outsourcing chooses to assess and oversees dealer relationships. The apparel firm’s production procedure is timely and economical since the sourcing manager locates supplies at the highest costs.

Maintaining the system on time and economically is the responsibility of sourcing managers, who frequently operate in the manufacturing business. To be hired for this role, you must possess a minimum of four years of procuring experience in a relevant field. This job also includes examining the production processes to determine whether one should change a provider depending on the value or price of their products.

If you love traveling, this profession may be a good fit for you because it requires a much of abroad travels.

Average salary: 70,000$-95,000$ per year

Art Director

In publications, tabloids, product branding, and film and tv show projects, graphic artists are in charge of the visual aesthetic and pictures. Interactive imagery for advertisements, periodicals, and other web production is overseen by art directors inside the fashion business.

Fashion art directors are the content creators of the company, promotional activities, periodicals, and other platforms. They develop the general concept and give instructions to others who generate the arrangements or graphics.

Fashion publications frequently employ fashion art directors, who are in charge of authorizing design and layout, finances and schedules, and giving the cover their seal of approval.

One of its most significant aspects is the massive variety of intriguing people you’ll engage with and encounter during your career. This is the one for you if you love to socialize with others.

Average salary: 50,000$-75,000$ per year

Account Executive

Account executives discover offers, close contracts with current or potential customers, and assist their businesses to expand by working in various sectors. A fashion accounts executive, sometimes called an accounts manager, is in charge of marketing companies to increase revenues.

Account managers in the fashion industry are in order of marketing retailing networks or exclusive labels to aid in the sale of goods. Inside an organization’s strategy, associates and executive officers are frequently on par.

You will be the primary communication source for essential retailer accounts within such a fashion provider. In a demonstration session, a skilled AE understands how to maintain a relaxed and approachable demeanor while being knowledgeable concerning the products and ready to respond to customer inquiries.

Average salary: 55,000$-70,000$ per year 

Fashion Blogger/ Influencer

Fashion bloggers or influencers cover the fashion industry, apparel, and lifestyles. The newest trend distinction is that of a fashion blogger. Presently, it’s pretty simple to begin a weblog, but it is also difficult to succeed and earn income through such.

Once you work on developing your own branding, fashion businesses may get in touch with you to advertise their newest compilations as a promotion strategy. You undoubtedly certainly observe the best fashionable fashion bloggers and blogs on Instagram if you are serious about trends and style.

Many people follow influencers because they offer their insights on many aspects of fashion, which is an inspiring source. Such fashionistas often referred to as fashion gurus, provide reviews of numerous fashion goods and assist their followers in making informed decisions.

Average salary: 30,000$-45,000$ per year

Knowing your primary responsibilities and duties is necessary if you want to pursue a career in fashion. This essay is intended to assist you in making decisions and pointing you in the direction of success.

I advise learning as much as possible about any task being held up to avoid future difficulties. I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to me until now and wish you much success in the future.

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